May 27, 2017


May 25, 2017 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a post that includes the word longhorn. You can go with any of its meanings or make it a name of a person or organization. Cheese or cattle, technology or place, what can you create from the western icon? Go traditional or new; go where the prompt leads.  inspired by a prompt by https://rantingalong.wordpress.com/2017/05/26/99-word-prompt-long-on-the-horn/



The hidden light of the sun barely cut through the thick fog that covered the prairie in that remote village when, unexpectedly, a strange shape could be discerned in the distance. I stalled in fear.

The crisp winter air and the moisture made the scene even more ethereal. There I was, face to face with the most magnificent animal staring deep into my eyes. She was standing still, enamored, looking beautiful, majestic and grandiose. I was stunned, speechless and mesmerized as this longhorn cow communicated to me the essence of her right to live.  And then she was gone.


Ab ovo is a Latin term that means “from the egg”, “from the beginning”. Thus, we restart our lives every single minute, every single hour, every single day, and every single year. All the time we are given the opportunity to choose how to respond to life. We have freedom of choice. Since time immemorial …

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