While I was reading the Epic Of Gilgamesh a long time ago, I came across the name of the  ancient Persian city of Anshan. Ever since, Gilgamesh’s story and the name “Anshan” stuck with me. I eventually adopted this name for myself modifying to “ANSHAM” and have been using it as my nom de plume ever since. The word “Ansham” became infused with a personality of its own and serves me as an alter ego of sorts where my diverse personalities were able to congregate and manifest without opposition.


Therefore, it is Ansham for me!

I am a dancer.

Not a dancer in the professional meaning of the word. I’m a dancer of life. I dance the life in me. I dance to the light that moves through my body, mind and spirit. I am a dancer.

To me, life is a flowing dance. Sometimes the space is crowded and you need to find your step among the crowd.

At times, you have a dance partner and your movements are in sync; other times the partners don’t seem to find their harmony together.

Sometimes you dance alone and you have to find your own rhythm as the music keeps changing in your soul.

There are times when you need to dance under the rain, and through storms.

Other times, under the rainbow, as you celebrate joy.

You dance through pain and hardships, as you feel grateful that you are still dancing away.

It’s about the flow as your let your body move, when you find its own rhythm within the creation you are part of.

two fools of carnival

I am Ansham. I am a dancer, and dance is embedded in me.

This is a space where I dance and celebrate;

where I come to commune with my soul,

and exercise the rhythm of life with other dancers like me.

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