November 6, 2015

LAKE TAHOE_Golden_Hour_at_Emerald_Bay

“Golden Hour at Emerald Bay – Lake Tahoe” by © Frank Schulenburg /. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons


Will be like celestial chimes

echoing in my mind forever.

Those are the sounds that will

Bring me closer

to a perfect kind of  love and paradise.

The search will be over

As long as the encounter

Takes place.


 Forever filling me whole

with memories of innocence

beauty and bliss;

For there is a place,

By the lake and the river

that love

Gently touched my lips

– In Springtime –

When I allowed the fresh breeze

to make it All Cool, every day.


Ab ovo is a Latin term that means “from the egg”, “from the beginning”. Thus, we restart our lives every single minute, every single hour, every single day, and every single year. All the time we are given the opportunity to choose how to respond to life. We have freedom of choice. Since time immemorial …

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