Unexpected things happen to us all the time. If only we took the time to pay attention to the small miracles of life manifesting in front of us all the time we would be able to live happier and more fulfilling lives.

Every moment we have the opportunity to respond to a given situation with love or fear. It is our choice to pay attention to what goes on inside our minds and be able to discern what represents a danger and what doesn’t. It is part of the natural activity of the mind to generate thoughts. It is part of our innate ability to grow and improve to connect to the reality around us without reacting to our interpretations and ensuing attachments or rejections to any situation.

Life unfolds before our eyes, and we, often enough, are too busy in our worlds to pay attention to the abounding experiences that come our way to enlighten and enrich our lives. It is a  lack of awareness that impels us towards a passive interaction with the people and situations around us.

The connections with other beings is the most fundamental experience we will ever have. we are in relationship with every single element in the world. We crave for a deeper and meaningful connection with people and situations, but when the time comes we hide behind our social masks, our self-imposed identities, and we fail to let the other person in front of us to see our genuine self.

Our lives flow naturally through the sincere connections we form with one another, and we are more connected than we think we are. We share the same compound of emotions that defines the parts of our personalities which share a common bond with those of others. Our lives are more similar than we are ready to admit.

When we look deeper into each other’s eyes, we can see ourselves reflected in their aspirations, goals, sufferings, hopes, pain, and above all, the love that bonds us all. It is when we truly connect that the magic happens and fear dissipates.

Our self-imposed beliefs of who we think we are creates the separation, the doubts and the fear. We need to let go of these fears with the constant awareness that we have the option to look at things differently, without judgement, attachment or rejection.

Respect for all beings, in all forms, is indispensable for healthy relationships to be established. When we look at one another we are looking at ourselves. If we are afraid we will look with fear in our hearts. If we are compassionate towards ourselves, then we will interact with the eyes of compassion and relatedness.

We need to look with eyes wide open. We need to pay attention. We need to help each other heal knowing that we do not live in isolation, but as a part of a connected organism. We need to remember that after us, others will use the bathroom.


  1. Incredibly lovely and very true


    1. Thank you Darryl! This is part of a series exploring an important event in my life. Thank you so much for visiting my page and taking the time to read! I appreciate! Blessings! 🙂

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